Press-to-Play on AirConsole game dev contest 2017

Finally the winners of the AirConsole game dev contest 2017 are known!

We are proud and happy to tell you that our game, Press-to-Play, has made it to third place!

What we envisioned for the players, testers and judges has been understood. Press-to-Play is a fun, social game to share with your friends when they come into your home. Each mini game is a crazy mix of different styles and atmospheres, challenging but not complicated. More importantly, the games are as simple as possible, while being entertaining and fun. We want our friends to have fun, but also our parents and children, with simple controllers, simple interface and colorful graphics. No documentation is needed, like the old days, just start the party! We achieved that, not without effort and work of course, but we did it, because we believed in our work and we stuck together even in doubting times, where it seemed nothing was working, when changing was the only solution, spending days and nights on implementing, debugging and polishing.

But now that the project is done, we can all sit back and enjoy with friends and family. Besides, the real purpose of a game is to have fun and a good time. So yes, we did it for you, for us, players, friends and we had a blast doing it!

Now that the judging is over, we have been contacted by AirConsole who will help with final refinement for a full release on their platform over at The game will officially release on April 6th 2017. Until then, stay tuned, follow us (and make sure to have a few mates over at your place for the release 😉 )

The streak has started, and there is a lot more to come. See you soon!



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