Press To Play OST + News!

Hello dearest people, this is Wert for another update in our sweet little project!

So, straight to the point. We are working hard to make the Airconsole release happen in two weeks. Phil and I added a new mini-game to the list of games that will challenge your… catching skills (we also hinted something about it in facebook). It’s not hard to guess what it is, and with a little bit of research you can find the name of the mini-game. Psycho is working on improving connection/disconnection for Airconsole users, as well as some other various improvements to the code.

In other news, we just released the original soundtrack of the game! 14 tracks, all from Press to Play (I wanted to include from other games too but they didn’t let me, pfft). Don’t expect hours and hours of epic orchestral music, Hans Zimmer wasn’t available for this project, so I had to make it myself (desperate times, what can I say).

You can listen to it here:

Last but not least, we are looking to attend another conference around May, but nothing is set in stone yet. Will keep you updated if we decide to pack things and go travelling.

Anyway, that’s all our news for now, I hope you have a great morning/noon/evening/night depending where you are, and see you all soon!






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