Press To Play – The release day is finally here!

It is done! It is here! Read all about our first game released in Airconsole!

Hi everyone,

Wert here, for another quick update. As you already figured out, we just released our latest game, Press to Play in Airconsole (stop applauding, can’t hear my self think), so if you haven’t played it yet, go do the P2p checklist in game pages and accept the challenge, DOIT ^ !

Anyway, so we were running like crazy the last few days, we had to fix a few issues found by the Airconsole testing team (many thanks for the nice feedback btw), and we are also planning ahead with Physer, a secret project and some other things.

So, where were we? Actually, before that, here is the link to play P2p :

Now, on to story time. So the day started as Psycho travelled 170+ km to go to Airconsole headquarters and press the release button himself (and no, he is not a control freak, he just likes pressing buttons, that’s all). After a quite fun session with AC devs, Press to Play was released for everyone to enjoy, and hopefully you didn’t find it too early cause-the-AC-promo-images-were-really-bad-and-I-had-to-update-them- but ANYWAY, everything went well, we had no issues or trouble after release and honestly the bug forum is empty, should I be worried or thrilled?

But enough for now, I think its safe to say that its for you guys/girls to enjoy the fruit of our labor, and in the meantime go beat your friends and mock them for their incompetency (did you know that P2p can be played as a drinking game? No? I said go read that checklist, what are you still doing here?).

So, that’s all for now, for those who happen to be in Greece you can find Sick Rabbit Studios in the CubeAthens tomorrow at 18:00 (7th April 2017), we ll be joining the “faire” showcasing our games to the guys from Quizdom. If you manage to find us, you ll get to play the latest build of Physer along with P2p, so see you there!

Peace out,






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