Prep’ed Press to Play 1.2

1.5 weeks… The time I spent in vain trying to figure out why my Construct 2 wouldn’t start… All this time lost because of a running web server process… I had big plans, I had the update ready, but Construct 2 just refused opening, by itself, without OS update, without graphic driver update, just like that. Took me all this time to figure it out.

Anyway, enough whining, it’s fixed. Today I’ve been working on implementing a few neat functions to Press-to-Play on AirConsole, the two colleagues are working on another game to come on Android. It’s yet to be tested and approved by AirConsole and a proper announcement will be made on time. The main focus of this update, version 1.2, was to cut the in-game ads amount, and introduce some locked content in faceoff mode.

So technically yes, we removed ads to add locked content…. Why would you ask? Because the AirConsole ads are way too intrusive, firing after each and every minigames, ruining the whole experience if you are a non premium user. So what we did is fire one ad after 5 minutes, then we let you in peace until 15 minutes of game, then up to 25 minutes. These steps fire a 30 seconds AirConsole ad for AirConsole Hero subscription plan. The last step is after 45 minutes of game, you’ll get a 5 minutes break. Past that, well, we let you in peace! Anyway, after 45 minutes, I think you have earned 5 minutes break, be it only to reload your beers.

Beside that, for non premium people we decided to lock 3 mini-games, when in faceoff mode. If only one Hero user is online, the locked content will immediately be available! The minigames  that were chosen to be locked are: Bulleye, Fatty Birds and Gone fishing.

Wert took the time to create a nice overlay icon that shows games as locked in case you don’t have any AirConsole Hero sub in your party. We all discussed about further minigames to implement in a future Press-to-Play version.

Stay tuned for the release announcement, surely coming some day this week!

A short dev blog entry I know, but I am not going to go into details on how I debugged Construct 2 for  over a week 🙂



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