Our next project + Nordic Game news

Now that P2P is released, here is a what we are working on next. Also, we will be attending the upcoming game conference Nordic Game in Malmo, Sweden. 

Hello a-gain!


This is Wert with the latest news directly from the secret facility in the land of Rabbits. So, let’s talk about what the studio will be doing next, shall we?

Some people may remember an old little gamejam entry me and Phil developed for the GBJam5, yes? No? Oh well, it was called Casino Heist and it was an infinite runner with a twist. You had to win money in a slot game constantly, or you would lose (that or lose all your hearts). So anyway, this project was developed with strict guidelines in order to match the old gameboy feel. That means basically 4 different colors for the entire game and the game’s resolution to be 160 x 144 (to compare, most average screens today have 1920 x 1080 resolution which is 12 times bigger).

So we made the game, have some laughs and now we decided to upgrade it and port it to Android phones (maybe iOS too, but it’s not sure as of yet). The upgrade will feature the same game as the PC version (which you can actually try here if you want), but optimized for touch. We will also include some new neat features that will make the game a lot better and increase its replay value. Will talk more on those in the future 😉

On other news, we are going to Nordic Game in Malmo! We don’t know the booth number yet, but if you search for Sick Rabbit Studios, I am pretty sure you ‘ll find it (eventually). We will show Press to Play, while occasionally switching to Physer and Casino Heist. So if you want to play our games and get a cool Sick Rabbit or Press to Play sticker, be sure to join us on 17-19 May in Malmo!

Anyway, so that concludes our little update. See you soon and don’t forget to press to play (ok ok I know that was a bad pun, but you know what, I don’t care).






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