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Heelloooooo everyone!

When it comes to developping softwares or games, everything is always pretty simple and straight forward as long as you work alone. You might end up with thousand stickers around you, glued a bit everywhere, maybe have some files to keep the track of your ideas, or you are the hardcore one, bit like me, that doesn’t write anything down and keeps it all in his brain trying to convince yourself that you’ll remember in a year…. Whatever you do, it works! Great softwares and games have been developped that way, so…

But then you are a team, so that means also team members. And well, nowadays team members don’t live together anymore, sharing a single computer. No, we all work on the same files at the same moment. That’s where you need to start using tools, because your team mates living on the other side of the globe don’t see your stickers, and might not have seen your short words on the Skype group… Oh and of course, we all work on the same files at the same moment… But for that, humanity has invented version control systems, ticket systems, Wikipedias along with bugtrackers and others.

When we started with Sick Rabbit Studios, I had my own SVN server running on one of my Synologys at home. This works great, but well, my internet connection is not the best in Switzerland either. And the problem is that we couldn’t really browse commits (common, svnadmin, is that real, that thing is like 25 years behind…), and have ticket system on the same. What devs really love is to be able to have everything at the same place. To be able to update/close the tickets through their commit comments. So well, I moved the team over to Assembla! Great guys there, I have an account on assembla since I think 2003, not sure anymore. It all started with Lineage 2 back in the time. Great services, fast, reliable, everything needed. But my old plan was project based, pay per user, for privacy. So we made Press-to-Play on it, paying based on user access and disk storage.

Since then, we started other projects, that are scattered a bit everywhere, from xp-dev to hacknplan and dunno what else. The real problem is that none really offer a “everything at the same place” solution, at a low price for very small teams, with repository privacy settings. They all go to those new lol subscription ideas where you pay per seat, but the offers start only at 10 seats…. What a great idea, if your team is 3 people only… I’m not gonna spend 75 usd/month on Assembla for our 3 men team… So I searched a bit everywhere…. Nothing good. Some are great, take HacknPlan. But guess what? They don’t even have a repository system. So you get everything, but not the most important. Then, I remembered my days with L2jFree and our 60 devs team working all together and using Atlassian Fisheye. And then I remembered myself using Bitbucket instead of Github to dev for Minecraft! Illumination! BitBucket!

This was it. Bitbucket comes from Atlassian. Atlassian softwares are really really good, but can be a bit expensive for fresh starting teams. And I think they understood that, because they offer to small teams up to 5 members, the holy privacy and the tools needed to create games/softwares. And if 5 people wouldn’t be enough anymore, they don’t  kill you with over priced seats, no, they charge 5usd/seat which is I guess the lowest I could find. We are not yet up to 5 members, but I can guarantee you that we will stay Atlassian just because those guys understood that before paying, starting teams need to actually…. start…. And for that I’m really thankfull.

Well, long story, but technically I have started moving our 5 little projects to Bitbucket, we surely don’t overcrowd their services, none of the projects actually go over 80mo so…

Here a few links to the services I talked about in this post:



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