Press to Play Face-off Tournament live at Digital Expo 2017

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since the last update, but boy have we been busy lately!

So, first things first. Casino Heist has finished development and we are aiming to do a soft launch soon. If you are not aware what soft launch means, it’s basically a way for us to test various features of the game without being exposed to the entire app store/android store. However, I left the good part out. We now have a publisher for Casino Heist! Meet Tamasenco, a mobile games developer that has recently expanded into a publisher. They will help us get the best out of our game and make sure that we reach maximum exposure around the world.

However, Casino Heist news don’t end there. We decided to add some extra polish into the game before we ship it. First of all, the game now has a TV anchor that is observing your every move and doing some live commenting after you finish your run. But beware, he is not easily satisfied! Next, we added a city that you can navigate and select various buildings. In this way, there is no main menu anymore, everything is now a living, breathing city! The game will soon be published for Android, and the next step would be iOS. Search for Casino Heist if you haven’t (its free anyway).

Moving on now to our tournament! So we decided to host a face-off tournament for Press to Play and hand out some sweet prizes! The tournament will be held in the upcoming event, Digital Expo 2017, which you can find more info here. The tournament will be held on Saturday 30 Sep and Sunday 1st October. The prizes include 2 PS4 titles, 2 Sick Rabbit Studios Ripped Limited Edition T-shirts, and some other goodies as well. If you happen to be in Greece that time and want to participate, we will be happy to have you join! The tournament will start at 16:00 and sign-up will start 3 hours earlier. Let the (mini-) games begin!

Sick Rabbit will also attend two more events in October, Fantasticon, and Athens Game Festival. Drop by if you want to get some SRS swag 🙂


Anyway, that is all for our quick update, stay tuned for more updates from the SRS secret underwater lab in the sky, mkay?




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