A local multiplayer party game, Press to Play is simple and accessible for anyone to play. Want to see who is faster at drawing guns in the Wild West?  Or maybe who is better at counting money in a supermarket? With a variety of wacky little mini-games, Press to play will surely make you ask for more. The game was released in Airconsole platform in early April 2017.

Physer is a physics-based side-scroller with emphasis on exploration and secrets. One day a meteor fell in the far East side of the Land of Polygons, and arouse the curiosity of our protagonist, a little fluffy square called Physer. Physer decided to travel and see the meteor for himself, but then realized that the land itself was affected by the strange object.

The game is under development. More news to follow soon.


Casino Heist is a gameboy nostalgic sidescroller tastefully combined with a casino slots that will release on Android and IOS. You’ve robbed the casino’s vault and the guards are after you! Things get worst as your bagpack has a hole and you are losing money! How far can you run before your bag is empty?