Welcome to the world of mini-games!

Press-to-play is a game where you challenge your friends to random feats of skill and reaction!


12 mini-games to choose from.

2 Game modes (Casino and Face-off).

Support for 2-4 players.

Fun, fast-paced gameplay.

Simplistic gameplay that requires only 1-2 buttons to play.

No need for a game controller, your smartphone becomes one!

TV Quiz role-play! A vintage interface, jazzy music, and a customisable buzzer to annoy your friends with!

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For optimal-ly wacky experience

Ok, say you are one of these guys who like house parties, or just the playful type. Follow these suggestions and you’ll be sure to have a crazy evening:

  • Eating madness: Whoever loses a mini-game round gets to eat. If you can’t eat no more, you lose!
  • Pre-drink: Use lemonade though, alcohol is bad we are told. Same as above.
  • Eyes closed: Trying to cheese your friends? You can play Quick Draw with eyes closed! Do you accept the challenge?
  • Reverse Engineer: Play all games that require left-right with the device upside down (place it on table or lock rotation first). No hand crossing is allowed!
  • Gymnastics: Play only reactor games. In order for you to be allowed to press, you have to perform a move indicated by the Game Master (push-ups are tough).