The idea box

What could we be working on next? What are we trying and learning? Well, all of us are free to test and play around with engines and idea, build prototypes and discuss about them internally. We thought you might be interested to also see what we could be up too. Feel free to contact us concerning these game ideas!

2D Isometric city builder
Author: Psycho
Engine: Construct 2
Assets: Free Kenney’s pack available a bit everywhere on the web, Interface UI by Wertandrew
Status: Proof of concept, working state


3D VR Space builder
Author: Psycho
Engine: Unity / SteamVR
Assets: Done with Blender
Status: Proof of concept, early stage


Jack Nice
Author: Wertandrew
Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Assets: Packs / Fuse
Status: Discontinued (scope too big)


3d Sidescroller stealth and melee prototype
Author: Dankerpie3
Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Assets: Packs / Fuse
Status: Prototype