The Team

Sick Rabbit Studios is currently a 3-man team, all working from different locations in Europe.

We are all passionate content creators, exiles from Microsoft’s Project Spark engine and Bigpoint’s Gameglobe. Modding and UGC games didn’t cut it anymore, so we had to go in deep and make our own games, exactly the way we want them to be. Our team is a celebration of video-games, done with passion and care. We want to be different, original, while making something that will provide people with happy moments to remember. Do enjoy!

Psychokiller1888 aka Laurent Chervet

Psycho is our hardcore programmer, doing all the black magic that makes everything work. He lives in Switzerland and is a programming freak (Java, C#, JavaScript, Python, HTML, PHP, Mysql, CSS and others we don’t even know the existence of). Don’t ask him about colors or design though, the only answer you will get is a big “??!”. Many may also know him from his Sparkshare tool, or his involvement with Lineage 2.

DankerPie3 aka Phil Taylor

Phil is the most peaceful person on the planet. Phil lives in the UK  and he is our gameplay programmer, with occasional artistic impulses (that are awesome btw). Phil can usually be found programming his way through the graveyard shift.

Wertandrew aka Andreas Papoutsas

Oh no, not this guy. Uhm, he is a cool person (maybe) that no one really understands. Not much information exists on this guy, even his humanity is questionable (or where he comes from). He is the artist (or so he thinks) and the musician of the team. He also occasionally does some other things, just to break stuff that Psycho will later fix :3